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Welcome to Industrial Infrastructure Online Summit

Leading the transformation to competitive sustainability

May 6th at 9-11 am Swedish time / 10-12 am Finnish time

This summit is tailored for leaders from the Finnish and Swedish industrial manufacturing and process industries who want to achieve carbon-neutral operations and gain a competitive edge at the same time.

Why attend?

The event is a unique opportunity to hear from business leaders about the path towards a sustainable utility infrastructure. Key topics of the event include:

  • Leading change in an industrial infrastructure business environment. Role of experts and new competences in energy transformation.
  • Transforming potential of circular economy into true business value. Tools in the drive to improve resource efficiency in industrial production and by-product management. Opportunities to enhance economies of scale within industrial side streams such as energy, water, cooling, heat and waste.
  • Role of automation, machine learning in energy transformation, with concrete examples.
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9–11 am Swedish time / 10–12 am Finnish time

    • Markus Hassinen, CEO, Nevel:
      • Taking utility infrastructure to the next level (key trends and outlook in energy transformation, closing the loop with energy and industrial side-streams, investments and new working models enhancing business value). (15 minutes)
    • Marga Hoek, a globally ranked management thinker and a former CEO of multiple private and public companies:
      • The business case of sustainability; how business for good is good business (challenges and opportunities of competitive sustainability, how to achieve carbon neutrality and even carbon negativity in the industrial sector, and how waste can be turned into profitable resource streams) (20 minutes)
    • Peter Lund, Professor in Advanced Energy Systems, Helsinki’s Aalto University:
      • Implications from the decarbonization of energy systems (challenges, opportunities, and scale of the energy transformation) (20 minutes)
  • Entertainment – André Wickström stand-up show (15 minutes)
  • Discussion with industrial business leaders  (40 minutes)
  • Closing remarks – Teemu Klingberg, Director of Industrial Infrastructure, Nevel (5 minutes)

Keynote speakers

Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek is a true visionary when it comes to sustainable business and capital, and she understands and applies the commercial realities of business in her work. She has been CEO of multiple private and public companies and is also a member of Thinkers50, the global ranking of management thinkers. Operating at the highest level with ministers and presidents, Marga is a global voice and has written for publications such as The Huffington Post, and Executive Finance, as well as forums such as G7, G20, and COP23 Climate Change. She is also unique in demonstrating how ICT and advanced technology can be a force for good via disruptive, sustainable business models.

Read Marga’s welcome message!

Peter Lund

Peter Lund is a professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Helsinki’s Aalto University. He has served in senior advisory role for many businesses and energy programs worldwide, including the European Commission and International Energy Agency. He serves as vice-chair for the Finnish Climate Panel advising the Government and Ministries on climate change. Professor Lund has more than 40 years of experience in energy. He has a rich track-record from research, innovations, and academia, working internationally across disciplines and bridging to policies and businesses. His work has resulted in profound insight on energy futures.

Read Peter’s welcome message!

André Wickström

André Wickström has been a successful stand-up comedian for more than 20 years. He has performed at numerous clubs and on several TV programs, including the popular series Solsidan. On stage, André captivates audiences with his finely honed comedic skills.

Markus Hassinen

Markus Hassinen is the CEO of Nevel. He has over 20 years of international experience from various businesses in the energy field and is driven by a desire to develop Nevel’s leadership to provide better service for organisations, clients, and owners.

Infratalks interview attendees

During the discussion session, we will hear practical examples from experienced industry leaders of how to lead the transition. Read their introductions below.

Amir Sharifi

Amir Sharifi is Managing Director of ARDIAN’s Infrastructure Group in charge of Energy Transition investments. He has led the development of the ARDIAN franchise in the renewable energy sector and is now heading the ARDIAN working group for Hydrogen. ARDIAN today holds investments in renewable energy production representing 6.5GW of installed capacity countries across Europe and Americas.

Amir is also founder of the ARDIAN Foundation which he founded in 2010. The ARDIAN Foundation aims at creating better social mobility in Europe, North America and Asia. He previously was Head of Corporate Development and Communications of ARDIAN and worked for 5 years as a strategy consultant in the energy sector. Amir graduated from Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC).

Hannu Kasurinen

Hannu Kasurinen is Executive Vice President of Stora Enso’s Packaging Materials Division. He joined the company in 1993 and has been a member of Stora Enso’s Group Leadership Team since 2019. Kasurinen has held several leadership positions in the company, including EVP and SVP, Liquid Packaging and Carton Board in Consumer Board Division, Group Treasurer, SVP of Strategy and EVP of Wood Products Division.

Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction and paper. The company employs some 23 000 people and have sales in more than 50 countries. Stora Enso’s shares are listed on the Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Stockholm (STE A, STE R) stock exchanges.

Welcome from the event host, Teemu Klingberg

Teemu Klingberg, Director of Industrial Infrastructure at Nevel, extends everyone a warm welcome to this online summit!

Teemu has several years of international experience in the energy and process industries, and he is passionate about generating customer value.

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Nevel facts

We lead the way into the future and take our customers on a voyage that will be full of learning, co-innovation and new opportunities. By offering advanced industrial and municipal utility infrastructure solutions, which benefit our customers and surrounding societies, we help our customers improve resource and energy efficiency and build a competitive edge for the future.

  • We operate more than 130 energy production sites 24/7 using the most sophisticated digital platform on the market.
  • We generate 1.6 TWh of energy a year, which is the equivalent of heating 90.000 households for a year.
  • We employ 130 experts full of innovative ideas.
  • We operate in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.
  • We manage over 40 district heating networks.
  • Our turnover is EUR 100 million.
  • Nevel is owned by Ardian Infrastructure





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