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Pohjolan Peruna

Local energy expertise and partnership

Nevel is responsible for producing the energy needed by the Pohjolan Peruna factory in Raahe, Finland. Nevel not only operates and monitors the steam production plant, we also source domestic fuels, some of which are located just 15 kilometres away from the factory – reducing related transport costs and emissions. The plant uses 25 GWh of energy per year, which corresponds to the annual heating needs of around 1,000 houses.


Reliable supply
24/7 monitoring
Increased sustainability

Secure supply

Pohjolan Peruna Oy, which produces the well-known Mummon and Mestari brand products, is an important employer in the Ostrobothnia region. Mummon mashed potatoes are known to almost every Finn and Mummon French fries are currently the retail market leader in Finland. The Mestari brand sells high-quality French fries as well as vacuum-packed and dry products for professional kitchens and industrial use.

The mill peels and cooks about 1000 truckloads of Finnish potatoes annually. The Pohjolan Peruna factory uses steam energy across many different stages of their production process, meaning guaranteed power generation is a critical issue for the plant – which is why Nevel monitors steam production around the clock via the Nevel operating centre.


Energy need equivalent to 1,000 houses
Local fuel source as close as 15 km

“We had a number of good candidates for energy production, but we chose Nevel on the basis of their strong local expertise and commitment.”

Pekka Sarlund

Partner and Board Member, Pohjolan Peruna Oy

A smooth transition

Nevel took over the plant’s energy production immediately after the contract was finalised, without any production break in the factory. This was possible due to a combination of good cooperation with the previous operator, Nevel’s high level of local expertise, and digitalisation, which enabled the construction of a hub connection on a tight schedule.

“Our local expertise combined with our digitalisation initiatives meant we were able to take over energy production at the plant with a very short transition period.”

Mika Hillu

Head of Accounts at Nevel

The challenge

Provide reliable supply with locally sourced fuels.

The solution

Nevel operates and monitors the steam production plant 24/7 while also sourcing local fuel.

The results

Nevel provides energy supply security, ensuring smooth production at the Pohjolan Peruna factory.

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