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Kenny Westlund Interview: Working together with customers

February 26, 2020
Interview: Kenny Westlund, Sales Director,
Nevel industrial infrastructure solutions

How do you work together with customers?

“Together, we can see which efforts produce the best results in both the short and long term and which goals are reasonable. We then match the results against the customer’s overall goals. There is a difference between having a vision and having a clear plan of action for how to achieve that vision, and what detailed goals you want to prioritise, fulfil and measure. It is about the steps you take to find long-term viable solutions, where you do not sub-optimise with poorly planned investments in quick-fix solutions that then become unnecessary.

What is evident in the dialogue with our customers is that they benefit from a clearly improved climate profile while also saving costs.

“We use the best suppliers we can find for the plant itself and the concept we put together. Of course, we design everything in consultation with our customers in order to minimise the impact on daily operations and scarce project resources.

We know that there are industrial companies that have short payoff times on their investments, perhaps as little as 24 or 36 months. Most energy plants have a depreciation period of 15 years or longer and do not fit into the normal return requirements that the companies have. It can therefore be difficult to allocate funds to the investment, plus the companies usually want to use the funds for their core business.

“This suits us very well as our starting point is an energy outsourcing model where we build, own and operate the plant. This is a basic offering, but we are always open to other opportunities, and the starting point is that we can help with long investments of 15-20 years. In most cases, the customer receives a positive cash flow from day one.”

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