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Taking industrial infrastructure to the next level – the voyage of co-creation takes place in four phases

July 16, 2020
  • InfraTalks – utility infrastructure insight

Sanna Haajanen is Industrial Infrastructure Sales Manager at Nevel. She has extensive experience in sales among various industries, and delivering projects within the defined contractual requirements and objectives. Sanna is passionate about helping people, customers and organizations to perform continuously better and leaving positive footprints to our globe.

Global laws, regulations and climate roadmaps are boosting companies to consider new, more efficient industrial energy solutions. The capital expense of new infrastructure with long payback times, however, is not necessarily an attractive way of using financial resources. At the same time, building a working model for planning, implementing and running the required infrastructure for energy, material and information flows is not a core competence for most of the companies. Could working together be the answer?

Working and learning together

Smart working model is essential when making energy as a competive advantage and in building a futureproof infrastructure accordingly. For companies who find this to be outside of their core competences, outsourcing is one option. By choosing a knowledgeable partner, companies can achieve significant savings in planning, resourcing and sharing the risks, and maximize the the end benefits. When the partner also helps companies to make smart investments and create a circular economy, even more benefits will be realised.

We’ve found that the best way to plan industrial infrastructure for energy, material and information flows is by working together. This ensures investments are carefully planned and implemented according to set objectives in a timely manner, and it also secures that the benefits are based on the customer’s needs.

Where to start your journey

The working model should support decision making and provide clear milestones for how to progress. At Nevel, we call our co-operative working model “the voyage”, because it is a clearly signposted journey with a number of defined steps and is created together with the customer.

  1. Exploring. The voyage begins with setting targets and expectations. In practice this means creating potential scenarios and steps for cooperation. Deciding on joint targets requires analysing various kinds of processes, data, capacity and assumptions, as well as building a calculation model for comparing options.
  2. Navigating. An important step in the process is identifying or pre-engineering a solution that fits the set targets and defines the cooperation model for decision making.
  3. Steering. This is where we execute the project according to the joint planning.
  4. Transforming. A new way of working has been defined along with a delivery and operations model. The value generated is now at its highest, based on jointly set targets.

We in Nevel see this tailor-made process takes the  customer’s vision into account and gives a clear, transparent action plan of how to achieve it, along with detailed goals to prioritise, fulfil and measure along the way. In most cases, the customer achieves a positive cash flow and improvement in selected KPI’s from day one, and gets extensive support from Nevel’s experts during the whole lifecycle of the investment.

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