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Municipal infrastructure solutions

Long-term part­ners­hip with Nevel helps mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties focus on their core res­pon­si­bi­li­ties

Education, healthcare, infrastructure and more – the range of services a municipality needs to take care of is wide. At the same time, financial pressures mean that municipalities need to cut costs and streamline their internal operations.

At Nevel, we offer cost effective and reliable infrastructure solutions, including district heating, that allow municipalities to focus on – and allocate resources to – their core responsibilities. As the market continues to transform and environmental regulations tighten, we can ensure that your municipality offers environmentally compliant, reliable and efficient infrastructure services.

How our offering benefits mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties

A municipal infrastructure partnership with Nevel can lead to substantial financial benefits through energy efficiency and optimised production. Analytics and automation help improve operational performance as well as the decision-making process while also improving the ability to predict future needs. Choosing to focus on sustainable and cleaner energy also benefits society as a whole.

New ways of working require right competences

Creating new services and business models requires new ways of working and the right competences and experience. Implementing new operating models, including utilisation of technologies, also requires solid planning and the right expertise.

We help you plan a path that will help your municipality move towards an optimal and resource-efficient future, including our proven operating model and potential investment models.

Cooperation with local industries

With help from Nevel solutions, and the enhanced access to information they provide, energy production and consumption are interlinked and all energy and material flows are optimised to minimise emissions and reduce waste. This circular economy thinking creates economies of scale between industries, energy producers, and households.

Services for households

Nevel owns and operates over 40 district heating networks in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. We produce district heating with mainly domestic and local power sources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in energy production. We invest in energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy and aim to produce 75% renewable energy by the end of 2021.

We have introduced hourly reading of district heat consumption in all of our district heating networks. More frequent readings ensure that we can provide more accurate information on heat consumption and continually improve our energy efficiency. Consumption can be monitored through our district heating portal. Our contractual terms are designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Energy Industries Association.

Nevel in brief

Nevel owns and operates district heating networks, heat plants and power plants with a 24/7 remote operation service. Our modern technologies and extensive experience ensure energy-efficient and reliable supply, along with cost savings, for the people who live in your community. Contact our experts to discuss how we can support your municipality.

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