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Organic waste converted into biogas

Nevel biogas plant in Juuka, Finland, reduces emissions significantly from the processes of Puljonki’s local factory.

Green energy from residuals

Nevel takes care of the processing of by-products and steam production at Puljonki’s local Juuka factory. Puljonki produces bouillons, broths and sauces for the food service business and restaurants across Europe. The biogas plant built next to the Puljonki factory is now operational, and its commissioning started in the spring of 2023. The project has received investment support from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Circular economy at its best

The organic waste generated in the Puljonki factory is converted into biogas and then further into steam. The steam is used in production process of  bouillons and sauces. This project is a model example of a circular economy solution that enables almost full utilization of the waste generated in industry processes. Emissions and transportation costs are reduced when waste from industrial production does not have to be transported for composting or further processing elsewhere. In addition, the by-products generated at the biogas plant can be used as fertilizer for agricultural needs.

In addition to the environmental and climate benefits, Nevel’s transparent operating model brings savings and predictability, which helps us manage our own costs. When a competent partner plans, operates, and maintains a plant on our behalf, we can fully focus on our own core business.

Sonja Vanhala

Interim Site Manager, Puljonki Oy

Partnering for greener future

The cooperation contributes greatly to Puljonki’s climate commitments. The aim is to achieve annual CO2 emission reductions of up to 1,900 tonnes. The utilisation of the biogas plant’s by-products as a fertilisers also supports efforts to promote regenerative agriculture.

The Juuka biogas plant can process up to 19,500 tons of biowaste per year, and the plan is to produce 980,000 m3 of biogas per year, which corresponds to 9,700 MWh of energy production.

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