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Making confectionery more sustainable

Nevel has built a new energy plant at the Fazer Lappeenranta confectionery plant to supply more environmentally friendly heat and steam. The new plant uses low-emission natural gas but is designed so that biogas can be used in the future to further improve sustainability. Nevel operates the plant, allowing Fazer to devote more resources to developing their core business – making delicious confectionery.


  • Reliable supply
  • Increased sustainability
  • Fazer can focus on core business

An integral part of Nevel’s vision

In order to go beyond just supplying fuel, Nevel is offering full energy solutions to our customers. Energy investments are typically high and are characterized by a long payback period. With solutions like this, industrial and municipal operators who need thermal energy will be able to outsource responsibility to Nevel – ensuring reliable supply with less hassle.

An energy need equal to 2500 large homes

The Fazer Lappeenranta confectionery plant uses more than 40 GWh of steam energy per year – equivalent to 2500 large homes. The new heat and steam plant being built by Nevel has a total boiler capacity of 16 MW. In addition to planning and construction, Nevel is also responsible for the operations of the plant. As a long-term customer, Fazer will simply buy the energy it needs.


  • 16 MW boiler capacity
  • 40 GWh steam energy
  • energy use equal to 2,500 large houses

”The new Fazer Lappeenranta heat plant has been built in cooperation with Nevel. The plant brings enhanced energy efficiency and enables future sustainability for energy production. Nevel has responsibility for operation of the plant. I want to express my warm thanks to the whole project team for getting the plant operational.​" ​

Jari Vahersalo

Technical Manager at Fazer​

The challenge

To provide reliable and environmentally friendly energy to Fazer’s Lappeenranta confectionery plant.

The solution

Nevel will build and operate a new boiler plant running on clean-burning natural gas and Fazer will buy energy as needed.

The results

A secure energy supply and better sustainability – which will improve even further when the plant transitions to biogas in the future.

Let’s talk – we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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