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Nevel partnership

A risk-free way to buy energy utilities as a service

Co-creating climate positive utility solutions

Planning, implementing and operating energy infrastructure is not a core competence of most industrial companies. It therefore makes sense for these companies to focus on their core business while a trusted partner takes responsibility for producing the energy they need to operate. With Nevel’s strong expertise and customer-oriented partnership model industrial customers can benefit from customised energy and circular-economy solutions. By partnering with Nevel, industrial companies can reduce production costs, optimise their resource and energy use, and reach their sustainability targets.

Nevel offers a risk-free and predictable way to buy energy utilities as a service at competitive prices. Under our long-term partnership model, we design, build and operate new energy utility infrastructure – or assume responsibility for operating existing infrastructure – on behalf of the customer. This allows industrial companies to improve their competitiveness by freeing up capital for their core business. Nevel supports customers in all energy-related matters throughout the partnership, constantly developing solutions to enable continuous improvement.


We design and specify the best possible overall solution based on the customer’s current situation and future needs.

Funding and execution

We invest on the customer’s behalf and take full responsibility for construction and risk management.

Operation and maintenance

We ensure security of energy supply and take care of preventive maintenance both locally and with the help of our 24/7 remote operation service.

Long-term cooperation

We invest in continuous improvement of operations and the introduction of new innovations, taking into account the customer’s changing needs during the contract period.


The planning phase always starts with a thorough analysis of the customer’s current situation and the mapping of their future needs. This ensures that the proposed solution best suits the customer’s needs, whether it’s about reducing emissions or costs or promoting a circular economy. Pre-planning includes the comparison and evaluation of different solutions and the technical implementation of the chosen solution. It also includes financial calculations and emission reduction targets to solve current environmental challenges.

Funding and execution

Our operating model enables both the utilisation of existing energy infrastructure and the construction of new infrastructure. In both cases, we invest on behalf of the customer, allowing them to improve their competitiveness by freeing up capital for their core business. During the implementation phase, we take full responsibility for the project management of the construction project including the tendering process and supplier management, managing investment subsidies and other permit issues, and above all bearing the risks of the project, for example in relation to schedules and costs.

Operation and maintenance

After commissioning, our most important task is to ensure uninterrupted operations and security of energy supply. Our experts take care of day-to-day operations and plants are monitored using our 24/7 remote operation service. Remote monitoring is implemented on the industry’s most advanced digital operation and maintenance platform, which enables quick problem solving and effective optimisation of resources. The data generated by the platform enables proactive maintenance of facilities and provides valuable information to support business decisions.

Long-term cooperation

Beyond building new energy infractructure, we support the customer throughout the partnership, constantly developing existing solutions. The ever-changing operating environment requires constant observation of market changes, and we are committed to promoting the transition towards a carbon-free future together with our customers. Developing operations, managing energy costs and improving energy efficiency are an essential part of long-term cooperation. Flexible contract terms provide the flexibility needed to accommodate changes and enable the implementation of new innovations during the contract period. We maintain an open dialogue with the customer throughout the contract period in order to be able to respond to their changing needs.

Thanks to our collaboration with Nevel, we can reuse large volumes of energy. The urgency is palpable, as society is facing the challenge of using energy more efficiently and reducing emissions.

Fredrik Cato

Technology Manager, Trioworld

Your partner in climate positive utility infrastructure

Nevel provides industrial customers with expertise and experience on material, information and energy flows and their management to help make smart infrastructure investments and optimise operations. We offer energy solutions including steam and heat, industrial scale cooling and heat recovery, and side stream and material efficiency solutions such as waste recovery and utilisation. We also offer industrial water treatment solutions such as demiwater and nutrient recovery.

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