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Improve energy efficiency and cut costs with Nevel Remote operation service

A service for increasing efficiency in energy production

Nevel Remote operation service increases efficiency in energy production. The  unique 24/7 service uses the most sophisticated digital operating platform, including fast problem solving and optimal resourcing.

Energy producers are under constant pressure to cut costs and ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply. Nevel Remote operation service can help by centralising and automating operations to improve plant performance and decision making, reducing OPEX and emissions while also improving reliability and availability.

The scope of our service includes plant operations, continuous development and product optimisation, giving you more time to focus on your core business. Based on centralised data and analytics, our operations model brings significant synergy benefits and direct cost savings. This 24/7 service is built around our experienced professionals, extensive background in implementing a complete service and our dedicated monitoring and operations centre.

Cutting costs through di­gi­ta­li­sa­tion

Implementing digital technology can lead to new business opportunities and better profitability by improving processes and performance. Instead of each power plant being run by local teams working around the clock, automation and remote access technology – combined with digital platform and data analytics – enables 24/7 monitoring and operation from a single control room staffed by highly skilled operators. These experts are supported by advanced machine-learning technology that analyses data and provides recommendations on how to best maximise efficiency based on set targets.

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The Nevel 24/7 service is built for each customer according to an operating model developed in-house

  • Fast problem solving
  • Optimal resourcing
  • Efficiency in energy production and cost efficiency
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Staying com­pe­ti­ti­ve requires agility

Renewable energy, automation and resource efficiency open up new opportunities in the current market environment. New ways of working can lead to cost efficiency and pave the way for an optimised energy future. Industrial companies and municipalities are relying more and more on services to stay competitive and keep the focus on their core business. When used in the right way, tools such as analytics and machine learning can significantly increase efficiency in energy production.


Commitment to the project with a clear plan

We create a plan of the service offering and its scope together with the customer, including initial mapping.
We define a target level for the service, with mutual commitment to an agreed operating model and schedule.

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Starting with conversion work

Conversion work is carried out together with the customer. The operations service can be typically launched within four months of signing the agreement.

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A process of continuous improvement

The service enables continuous development in energy production based on the combined experience and expertise of the customer and Nevel. Areas of improvement are identified and followed up, and any course of action is agreed jointly with the customer.


  • The service provides a significant competitive edge.
  • The operating model improves reliability and extends plant lifecycle.
  • Analytics helps improve plant performance.
  • The service improves cost efficiency in both heat production and electricity generation.
  • The customer can focus on core competencies such as customer service and plant maintenance.
  • High-quality reporting helps improve the customer’s decision-making process.

What’s included in the Nevel Remote operations service?

Initial mapping

  • Mapping current energy production capacity and power plant and heating network compatibility with the operations centre
  • Estimating the service value to the customer

Defining the service offering

  • A plan covering the service offering and its scope
  • Setting targets for production KPIs (including efficiency and availability)

Boosting energy production

  • Professional support for energy production operations and efficiency improvements
  • Cost-efficient operation of energy production facilities and equipment
  • Plant data analysis and plant visits
  • Remote resolution of process-related alerts and fast problem solving
  • Monitoring service
  • Recommended actions that require investment

Production planning

  • Optimisation of run models
  • Revision planning

Analytics and reporting

  • Following up on production KPIs (including efficiency and availability)
  • Calculating deviations with cost implications
  • Comparisons with similar plants
  • Intelligent operation of energy production with a third-generation learning model
  • Real-time reporting
  • Reporting: digital operational log and monthly reporting

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