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Optimised process industry with cut costs and reduced emissions

Nevel Remote operation service for economies of scale and better environmental performance

High availability, uninterrupted operations and security of supply

In addition to our energy, sidestream and circular economy expertise, investment capability, and transparent way of working, we can also help our customers with better environmental performance through an optimised process. This is possible with our sophisticated digital platform. Nevel Remote operation service ensures optimised process operations and prevents unexpected problems. Nevel is the only company in the market that not only offers investment options and monitoring of utilities, but has a robust digital platform as part of the package. For customers this means lower emissions and costs.

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Benefits of Nevel Remote operation service for industrial companies are:

  • Transparency to operations and set targets
  • Higher productivity based on better availability and reliability
  • Reduced waste and emissions
  • Tangible savings through reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved production predictability.

Increased efficiency based on digital operations

The Nevel Remote operation service was fully implemented at one of our own plants in Forssa, Finland, in 2017. The combined heat and power generation capacity of the power plant is 190 GWh. We have fully implemented the digital operations and maintenance platform with the most sophisticated available digital technology. The site is operated from our remote operation centre 24/7 and we use machine learning to optimise plant operations. Employees at the plant work normal working hours and are primarily focused on preventive maintenance work. With the Nevel Remote operations and maintenance platform we have been able to optimise the combustion process based on data and reduce residual oxygen levels, CO2 and NOX emissions. Higher energy efficiency and changes in operational model have enabled annual opex savings of EUR 600,000.

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Nevel Remote operation service for energy and material asset owners

Energy and material asset owners are under constant pressure to cut costs and ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply or manage their industrial by-products. Nevel Remote operation service can help by:

  • Centralising and automating operations to improve plant performance and decision making
  • Predicting and optimising operations
  • Providing recommendations to optimise maintenance practices
  • Business intelligence ie reporting site production and economics
  • Managing environmental aspects
  • Invoicing.

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Benefits of Nevel remote operation service for energy and material asset owners are:

  • Improved processes and performance
  • Reducing OPEX and emissions
  • Improving reliability and availability
  • Better profitability.

Nevel digital operations and maintenance platform

The unique 24/7 service uses the most sophisticated Nevel digital operations and maintenance platform. It gives you an opportunity to digitalise production and offsite operations. Based on centralised data and analytics, our digital operations and maintenance platform gathers all data needed to support your business decisions, bringing significant synergy benefits and direct cost savings.

Monitoring and operation is conducted from a remote operation centre staffed by highly skilled operators. These experts are supported by advanced machine-learning technology to analyse data and provide recommendations on how to best maximise efficiency based on set targets.

Nevel´s service offering provides smart maintenance solutions. This includes proactive maintenance recommendations based on real-time measurement and predictive maintenance recommendations based on analytics.


All process data collected is sent to Nevel’s cloud-based monitoring platform. This enables production planning and streamlining as well as better reporting. Once refined, the data facilitates improved management and control.

Introduction to the service

  • Creating a plan of the service offering and its scope together with the customer
  • Defining a target level for the service
  • Mutual commitment to an agreed operating model and schedule
  • Data discovery.

Remote operation centre 24/7

  • Professional support for production and efficiency improvements
  • Highly skilled operators
  • 24/7 operations from centralised operations centre
  • Advanced technology in use, including machine learning models
  • Fast problem solving and remote resolution of process-related alerts
  • Recommended actions that require investments
  • Optimal resourcing.

Nevel Remote operations and maintenance platform

  • Optimisation of operations based on machine learning and optimisation models
  • Data gathering and storing
  • Site data analysis
  • Benchmarking of data with similar sites
  • Real-time reporting and business intelligence
  • System independent
  • Machine learning and optimisation applications controlling automation systems directly
  • Smart maintenance solutions.
How to get started?

Staying com­pe­ti­ti­ve requires agility

Renewable energy, automation and resource efficiency open up new opportunities in the current market environment. New ways of working can lead to cost efficiency and pave the way for an optimised energy future. Industrial companies and municipalities are relying more and more on services to stay competitive and keep the focus on their core business. When used in the right way, tools such as analytics and machine learning can significantly increase efficiency in energy production.


Commitment to the project with a clear plan

We create a plan of the service offering and its scope together with the customer, including initial mapping and data discovery. We define a target level for the service, with a mutual commitment to an agreed operating model and schedule.

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Starting with conversion work

Conversion work is carried out together with the customer. The operations service can be typically launched within four months of signing the agreement.

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A process of continuous improvement

The service enables continuous development in energy production based on the combined experience and expertise of the customer and Nevel. Areas of improvement are identified and followed up, and any course of action is agreed jointly with the customer.

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