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Industrial Infrastructure

Next-level utility infrastructure for process industries

Responding to a changing market

For today’s industrial companies, ensuring safety and high availability is key, but it is also essential to improve sustainability and minimise carbon emissions. To do this, and to adapt to the changing business environment, closed-loop factories and circular economy solutions are becoming increasingly important. For industrial companies, this means using energy that is free from CO2 emissions, utilising side streams through material and heat recovery, and ensuring process optimisation and energy efficiency through digitalised operations.

The benefits of business transformation

Especially within energy and material intensive industries, it’s important to act now to ensure your competitiveness. Typical industry segments where rapid transformation is critical are food and beverage, glass, metal, chemical, bioproduct, and pulp and paper industries. With the right working model, you’ll be able to focus on your core business and improve sustainability and competitiveness while enhancing the efficiency and transparency of your operations.

Co-creating circular economy solutions through a unique approach

As transforming a business to enable sustainable production is complex, a smart choice is to co-create a tailored solution with a utility infrastructure service partner who can invest on your behalf and create value from day one. Working together with Nevel, you can optimise your energy and material streams and meet your company’s objectives for cost savings, operational efficiency, and emissions reduction.

Nevel has an extensive utility expertise, a systematic way of working, and the capability to invest on our customers’ behalf. Through our approach, we ensure:

  • transparency and agility in the co-operation with our customers
  • economies of scale and better environmental performance through digitalisation, availability of personnel, and sourcing of fuels and other energy streams
  • a partnership with a clear process, with carefully planned phases to lead the transformation.
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A partnership with Nevel includes:

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Industrial utility and side-stream solutions that fit your business needs, such as:

  • Energy solutions such as steam and heat, and industrial-scale cooling and heat recovery
  • Material efficiency solutions such as recovery and utilisation of sludge, oat husks, or other side streams
  • Industrial water treatment solutions such demiwater and recovery of nutrients

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Investment and technology models

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Process optimisation with a sophisticated digital platform


Co-creating future-proof utility infrastructure with our customers

As an advanced industrial and municipal infrastructure solutions partner we support several large customers with different utility services. Our goal is to help you build a solution that matches your needs perfectly and delivers value from day one.

”Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030 as set out in AGCO Power’s Green Factory initiative. Important criteria include reliability of services and our partners’ ability to help us achieve these goals.”
Juha Tervala, Managing Director at AGCO Power

”The new Fazer Lappeenranta heat plant has been built in cooperation with Nevel. The plant brings enhanced energy efficiency and enables future sustainability for energy production. Nevel has responsibility for operation of the plant.”
Jari Vahersalo, Technical Manager at Fazer​

“This partnership reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 1,850 tonnes per year, equaling the annual emissions of 1,200 cars.”
Joakim Fagerudd, Site Manager at Sandvik Coromant

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