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Your partner in climate positive growth

Next level utility infrastructure

Co-creating climate positive utility solutions

We help industrial and real estate customers to grow and prosper by taking their utility infrastructure to the next level. We offer future-proof, fit-for-purpose industrial and real estate utility solutions that benefit both our customers and surrounding societies. Whether it’s about water, heating, electricity or circular economy, we help to build the optimal solution.

Working together with our customers, we support the transformation towards a carbon neutral future. We help our customers meet their sustainability targets within renewable energy, material circularity and optimal living conditions.

Industrial and real estate solutions to meet your sustainability targets

Industrial solutions

We offer sustainable energy and circular economy solutions that enable transformation towards carbon neutral energy production.

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Real estate solutions

We help real estate customers in their transition towards net zero ambition, cost efficiency and optimal use of heating and cooling.

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How we achieve climate positive growth together with our customers?

We enable sustainable society and a carbon neutral future by developing local cooperation models and transition roadmaps together with our customers, investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

We build future-proof utility solutions by enhancing resource efficiency and enabling technology neutral transition to carbon neutral energy production.

We minimise waste by utilising excess heat and side streams by creating local circular economies.

We offer financial models which enable risk sharing and releasing capital for other investments.

Our sustainability approach