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It’s all about the expertise

Nevel has a long-term agreement with Atria to supply heat and steam to their production facility at Nurmo. The energy supplied annually is about 70 GWh.

As part of the contract, Nevel has built a new 13 MW steam boiler plant in the area. Atria’s old heating station still functions as a back-up and helps balance peak loads. Nevel is responsible for the entire energy supply, meaning operations, maintenance, and supply of fuel.

We are not an easy client

– In terms of energy supply, the Nurmo production facility is not unusual; our energy needs are highly predictable. However, we are not an easy client, and the vulnerability of our processes makes us particularly demanding. We require extremely high security of supply and we can’t allow any disruptions.

– We chose Nevel because we were looking for competitive security of supply. An accomplished partner brings reliability and, as a major operator, Nevel brings expertise in both operations and supply of fuel. We are very happy with our choice and our partnership.

Why Nevel

  • Uninterrupted energy supply
  • Open dialogue
  • Proven security of supply

A smooth partnership

Open dialogue is one of the things that make the partnership work so well. In Nurmo, Nevel is essentially part of Atria’s organization. A proactive approach to handling and reviewing issues and seeking solutions has played an important role in the partnership. Any incidents have also been handled with sufficient transparency. This has provided a good foundation for developing operations further.

“Our focus is on high security of supply, as an uninterrupted supply of energy is vital for our processes.”

Tapani Potka

Vice President, Atria

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