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Metals & Mining industry

Sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy supply

The metals and mining industry in the Nordics is an active and diverse sector covering iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and industrial minerals. Sweden and Finland in particular are home to major deposits of valuable raw materials. Driven by increasingly strict environmental regulations, decarbonisation is a high-priority topic for companies in this industry, especially steel and stainless steel producers, who are seeking new production routes by both retrofitting existing grey steel production sites and initiating new greenfield projects.

This energy-intensive industry relies heavily on electricity to power its processes, with derived gases and a variety of fossil fuels also part of the energy mix. Downstream production of steel and non-ferrous metals is responsible for the largest share of total energy consumption. The industry also consumes considerable amounts of water for various processes like enrichment.

The strong reliance on electricity and fossil fuels leaves the mining and metals industry exposed to increases in the cost of electricity, fuel and emission allowances. At the same time, environmental requirements are becoming ever stricter, particularly regarding industrial wastewater treatment and emission reduction measures such as dust treatment in mines.

Secure and cost-effective energy supply

As an experienced partner of efficient and sustainable energy solutions, we are well placed to support companies in the metals and mining industry with a variety of solutions that enable customers to focus on their core business. We help companies to increase their competitiveness by facilitating access to a more sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy supply and innovative new ways to address the challenges of decarbonisation and environmental compliance.

Nevel’s solutions to reduce carbon footprint and improve profitability

Heat and steam production – Working together with customers to identify new opportunities to improve the cost-efficiency and sustainability of heat and steam generation, with particular focus on addressing the expected increase in energy intensity resulting from decarbonisation efforts.

Industrial water treatment – Identifying novel approaches to both purify wastewater to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate the recovery and reuse of valuable chemicals and minerals contained in wastewater.

Side stream management – Helping customers to maximise  resource usage by developing solutions for the recovery of valuable metals and minerals from waste side streams such as dust and slag.

Our partnership model

Planning, implementing and operating the required energy infrastructure is not a core competence of most industrial companies. It therefore makes sense for companies to focus on their core business while a trusted partner takes responsibility for energy production.

We design, build and operate new and existing energy utility infrastructure. We invest on our customers behalf so that companies can improve their competitiveness by releasing capital for their core business. We enable lower production costs, ensure optimized resource and energy use and support customers to reach their sustainability targets.

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