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Sustainability program

Destination: Climate positive growth

Towards decarbonisation

Energy industry has taken leaps to develop solutions towards carbon neutral energy. The role of power and heating is changing. We are in a transition from fossil fuels to bioenergy, from biofuels to non-combustion and use of electricity. This transformation requires future foresight, planning, cooperation among players, and concrete actions.

While we are in the middle of the energy crisis, sustainability, climate and the green transformation are on our utility infrastructure customers´ agenda heavier than ever. Speeding up the green transformation is an opportunity which many companies have grasped. The time to act is now. The transformational benefits are fast becoming a necessity. Building competitiveness is created upon early mover approach. Companies that have acted early, have been building sustainable energy solutions and are now better positioned to focus on growth. The benefits of green transformation vary from flexibility to meeting varying requirements and conditions, energy and cost efficiency, reduction of emissions and enabling circular economy, thus minimising waste.

The transition towards decarbonisation must be just, taking into consideration social, economic and environmental impacts. All these factors are crucial towards the joint vision and minimising negative side effects. Together we are part of a movement providing solutions to climate and biodiversity. Every action contributes to a bigger goal.

Next-level utility infrastructure

Our promise is next‑level utility infrastructure

At Nevel, sustainability is the key driver for our entire business and is embedded in Nevel’s strategy. We believe it enhances safety and wellbeing, as well as builds competitive edge for us and our stakeholders. We are committed to building a green transition and a climate-positive future where people, communities and businesses can prosper. We drive this change with our sustainability approach, which is based on following focus areas:

Co-creating local circular economies

Driving transformation to carbon neutral energy production

Building a healthy and safe working environment with zero injury principle

Building a corporate citizenship based on ethics, transparency and compliance

Co-creating local circular economies

We are committed to co-creating, promoting and investing in reliable and secure local circular economies together with our customers and partners. This includes working together with local communities and industries to increase understanding of and increase resource-use efficiency and adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies. We build and innovate new concepts that enable a technology-neutral transition to carbon-neutral operations. We work together with biofuel suppliers, ensuring sustainable sourcing practices.

Driving transformation to CO2 carbon neutral energy production by 2030

We are committed to becoming carbon neutral in our own energy production by 2030 and supporting our customers’ technology-neutral transition towards CO2 neutrality. We invest in renewable energy, modernising heating plants and district heating networks, optimising energy use, minimising use of fuel and keeping flue gas residual oxygen levels to a minimum.

Building a strong health and safety culture with zero injury principle

We are committed to building a culture that provides a safe, healthy working environment for us, our customers and our partners. We believe that every act counts. Our safety agenda is based on zero injury principle and focuses on preventive safety measures.

Building transparent corporate citizenship

We are committed to high ethics and transparent, accountable governance, strive for proactive dialogue with local communities and follow state-of-the-art risk management practices to ensure compliance for our business and our operations. We ensure security of energy supply. Nevel has an ESG programme to set annual sustainability targets and focus across the organisation towards climate positive growth.