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Pulp & Paper industry

Cost effective and sustainable utility infrastructure

The pulp and paper industry is one of the backbones of Nordic economies and a hugely innovative sector that is at the forefront of the industrial decarbonisation effort. Operators are continuously seeking new ways to extract additional value from products and production processes, with a particular focus on the utilisation of waste side streams and excess heat.

Pulp & paper production is exceptionally energy intensive, with energy costs accounting for around of 30% of total costs on average. Production processes have traditionally relied heavily on fossil fuels to generate the vast volumes of heat and steam needed at mills. In the face of rising energy costs and a shifting taxation landscape, Nevel helps companies to become more competitive by facilitating access to a more sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy supply. We also enable innovative new ways of addressing the challenges of decarbonisation and environmental compliance.

Decarbonisation while maintaining profitability

Nevel’s long experience of cooperating with pulp & paper companies in the Nordics means we have a deep understanding of the industry, its processes and the key challenges it faces as it seeks to decarbonise while maintaining profitability. With our help companies can free capital, focus on their core business and become more competitive.


Nevel’s solutions to reduce carbon footprint and improve profitability

Primary energy production – Working with mills on a case-by-case basis to identify new opportunities to improve the cost-efficiency of primary energy production by switching away from fossil fuels for heat and steam production.

Heat recovery – Seeking new opportunities to recover excess heat and energy and recycle it back into production processes or leverage it as an additional revenue stream in conjunction with local municipalities, for example for district heating.

Side stream management – Developing solutions for material recovery and utilisation of waste side streams to improve environmental performance and open up new revenue-generating opportunities.

Wastewater treatment solutions – Identifying effective treatment processes for wastewater streams to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and material recovery targets.

Our partnership model

Planning, implementing and operating the required energy infrastructure is not a core competence of most industrial companies. It therefore makes sense for companies to focus on their core business while a trusted partner takes responsibility for energy production.

We design, build and operate new and existing energy utility infrastructure. We invest on our customers behalf so that companies can improve their competitiveness by releasing capital for their core business. We enable lower production costs, ensure optimized resource and energy use and support customers to reach their sustainability targets.

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