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Sustainability Report

Nevel’s sustainability report

Nevel sustainability 2021 report (PDF)

At Nevel, sustainability is the key driver for our entire business. We believe it enhances safety and wellbeing, as well as builds competitive edge for us and our stakeholders. We are committed to building a green transition and a climate-positive future where people, communities and businesses can prosper. We drive this change with our sustainability approach.

Our sustainability reporting is conducted on an annual basis referencing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is the most widely used responsibility reporting framework. Reporting is based on a materiality assessment among our stakeholders.

Thomas Luther, CEO at Nevel

In 2021, Nevel achieved record reduction in CO2 emissions and increase in renewable energy production to 75%

According to Nevel’s 2021 sustainability report, the company decreased Scope 1 carbon dioxide emissions of sold energy by a record 35% in 2021. The decrease in emissions and increase in energy efficiency was predominantly achieved by piloting new technologies, optimising fuel use and investing in renewable energy. For example, Nevel conducted site conversions to phase out using peat as fuel in the Finnish cities of Forssa and Lieksa. The share of renewable energy in Nevel’s own energy production reached the company’s target of 75%.

Hanna Viita, Director, Sustainability
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