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Whistleblowing channel

We believe that every act counts

Nevel is a sustainable and transparent corporate citizen in all our locations, and we are committed to building a culture that provides a good and safe working environment for Nevel employees, our partners, and our customers. We monitor the commitment through our internal and partner programs. To foster high ethics, transparent accountable governance, and a proactive dialogue with our local societies, we practice state of the art risk management, that our Whistleblowing channel is part of.

What is the Whistleblowing channel?

Our Whistleblowing channel is a way to ensure uncompromised compliance of our business and operations. In practice, it is an anonymous outlet for reporting suspicions of misconduct, meaning anything that is not in line with the law or with our values and policies. As an early warning system, it helps us react sooner to reduce risks, and it can be used by anyone with an anonymous reporting need. If you feel comfortable contacting a Nevel manager directly to report your concern, we encourage you to do so as the first option.

When should I use the Whistleblowing channel?

The service can be used to inform about any concern that is not in line with the law, our values ​​or ethical code, and that may seriously affect our organisation or a person’s life or health. All messages must be made in good faith.

Read more about our whistleblowing privacy notice (PDF)

Would you like to send a message?

Your message is submitted securely by following the instructions in the form. After having sent your message you will see a link on the screen. Save the link in a secure manner. You will need it for further communication in this matter. However, if you lose the link, you can send a new message and refer to the previous message in the same matter. We may post a response or follow-up question for you within 7 calendar days. You can follow up the responses of your previously filed message by opening the link. You will remain anonymous throughout this dialogue.

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The whistleblowing service is provided by an external partner Gurufield to ensure anonymity. The Gurufield Whistleblow channel is fully anonymous, and it doesn’t track or save any user data at any stage. The reporter receives a follow-up link to the case where it is possible to see the actions taken by the company and to communicate further in case additional information is required. Only specifically named persons of Nevel’s management can see and handle reported cases within the organisation.

Mikael Calonius

Legal Director, Nevel