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AGCO Power

Energy as a reliable service

Nevel provides heat energy for the AGCO Power Linnavuori engine factory as a total service, allowing AGCO Power to focus on their core business.

Reliable heating of production facilities

Nevel supplies 15 GWh of heat energy annually for AGCO Power’s diesel engine factory operating in Linnavuori, Nokia. AGCO Power’s engines are used in many world-leading tractor brands as well as in other machinery. The factory at Linnavuori manufactures about 30,000 diesel engines a year. For uninterrupted production, it’s essential to secure reliable heating for the production facilities. AGCO Power’s Green Factory initiative is about finding ways to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. The initiative includes improving energy efficiency, upgrading equipment, and heat recovery.

Heat production and facility maintenance as a service

Together with a local partner, Nevel is responsible for the maintenance and service of the heating plant built by Nevel in Linnavuori. This allows AGCO Power to focus on their core business of manufacturing diesel engines. They always know the exact cost of their heat energy, with no surprises. As energy infrastructure professionals, Nevel was entrusted with the design and construction of the heating plant.

”Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030 as set out in AGCO Power’s Green Factory initiative. Important criteria include reliability of services and our partners’ ability to help us achieve these goals.”

Juha Tervala

Managing Director, AGCO Power

Partnering for a more energy-efficient future

AGCO Power and Nevel have been steadily improving energy efficiency at the Linnavuori factory. Heat production has been updated over the years to meet capacity needs. Smooth incident response, necessary maintenance, and service development have been mainstays in their partnership. Developments in monitoring district heating enable more detailed data collection at the factory, leading to improved efficiency in targeting heat energy.


  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Transparent cost and consumption
  • Allows AGCO Power to focus on their core business

“We are beginning to see a clear shift in attitudes. Besides costs, there are now other considerations such as the environment and sustainability. Investments in energy efficiency and the implementation of new innovations are now expected across all levels of the company, including by the owners. This provides us opportunities to use the new solutions together with an energy partner.”

Erno Lindroos

Maintenance Manager, AGCO Power


Reliable supply of cost-efficient heat energy for critical functions.


Partnership and energy production as a total service.


Low-maintenance heating with plans to improve energy efficiency through the partnership.

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