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Foodhills – Food industry cluster to promote circular economy

Foodhills Fastighet AB aims to provide sustainable food production while Nevel creates sustainable heating solutions. The companies are cooperating to find ways of serving the future needs of sustainable food production.

Mikael Halling

CEO, Foodhills Fastighets AB

Circular food production – towards sustainable solutions

Foodhills’ vision is to become the European leader in circular food production systems and to contribute to global sustainability development.

Foodhills’ goal is to build a global reference, test and pilot site for circular food production together with partners. In order to provide Foodhills with sustainable energy, Nevel is building a new biofuel site that will replace their natural gas solution.

Construction of the new energy production plant in the Foodhills area

The new energy production plant in Bjuv, Sweden, generates bio-based energy for industrial use and provides the Foodhills area with 100 % renewable energy, for energy-efficient and sustainable food production. A collaboration that benefits the whole society.

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2,900 tonnes per year

The new bioheat plant will produce heat using wood chips as fuel. To maximise energy production, a flue gas condenser will be installed to collect the heat that would otherwise be lost.

This solution reduces fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 2,900 tonnes per year compared to the previous natural gas solution.


Lower CO2 emissions

Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 2,900 tonnes compared to the previous natural gas solution.

Circular economy

Biofuel-based heat brings us one step closer to circular food production.

Security of supply

The partnership with Nevel and our expertise in energy solutions guarantees reliable heat delivery.

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