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Sotkamo Silver

Energy-efficient and sustainable mining

Nevel is responsible for heating the ventilation air of the silver mine located in Sotkamo, Kainuu. Nevel produces and delivers the necessary heating as a service.

Green transition requires silver

Sotkamo Silver is a mining and ore prospecting company that develops and utilises mineral deposits in the Kainuu region in Finland. The company supports the global development towards green transition technologies and produces the metals needed sustainably and by taking local stakeholders into account.

Sotkamo Silver’s main project is a silver mine located in Sotkamo, Finland, which started its operations in 2019. In addition to silver, the mine produces gold, zinc and lead. Every year about 500,000 tons of ore are mined from the mine.

The company’s strength is the ability to reproduce mining know-how and operational activities in a sustainable and responsible manner in new projects. Sotkamo Silver cooperates with reliable partners in the value chain and is committed to operating sustainably.

Mine heating as a service

Nevel is responsible for the production of the heat needed by Sotkamo Silver’s underground silver mine. Nevel produces and delivers the necessary heating as a service. Currently the heating solution works with LPG.

The heating solution implemented for Sotkamo Silver requires its own local operating organisation and operator, and 24/7 surveillance and support. Nevel has all the necessary expertise and resources thanks to the professional staff of the Sotkamo power plant and a remote operation service operating on a 24/7 basis.

During the construction phase and when the mine is expanding, the need for ventilation air and its heating will increase. Sotkamo Silver’s objective is to develop energy-efficient and sustainable underground mining production. The company has for example considered the use of bioenergy, which would be a natural step in the continuous development of sustainable mining, which the company is committed to.

“Cooperation with Nevel runs effortlessly . It is important for us to work with a partner who is committed to acting sustainably and is continuously developing its operations in that field.”

Pasi Määttä

COO, Sotkamo Silver


Availability of reliable and cost-effictive heating for mining.


Scalable heat production and delivery as a service.


A carefree heating system with energy efficiency development possibilities.

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