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Nevel helps Utajärvi municipality to focus on core tasks

New services and increased efficiency

The municipality of Utajärvi, Finland, has outsourced responsibility for district heating to Nevel. This has enabled them to focus on their core tasks like providing education and social services. As a large and experienced district heating provider, Nevel has also brought new services to the users of the network while ensuring a reliable and efficient supply.

Nevel’s size and the economies of scale this enables means the chance to offer a service level not typically found in smaller networks. In Utajärvi, customers can now benefit from services like access to energy consumption data through an online customer portal, hourly metering and e-invoices.

Nevel has also helped create a circular economy in Utajärvi, where waste from the Kinnusen Mylly oat mill is used to provide fuel for the network.

Taking a load off

Providing district heating was not one of the core focus areas for the municipality of Utajärvi. Nevel, with its decades of experience in this field, now provides district heating using 90% local fuel and approximately 50% renewable energy. Nevel not only operates the network but is also a strategic partner, helping the municipality to plan and renew their network.


  • Municipality can focus on core tasks
  • New district heating services for consumers
  • Enables a circular economy

Nevel has decades of know-how and experience in district heating and we can now provide reliable and ecological heat and the latest services. When they trust their district heating to us, municipalities can focus on the issues that really matter to their residents.

Clas Blomberg

Director, Municipal Infrastructure Solutions, Nevel

The challenge

Improve the efficiency of the district heating network and enable a better service level.

The solution

Outsource responsibility for the district heating network to Nevel.

The results

Reliable supply with new services for consumers, allowing the municipality of Utajärvi to focus on their core tasks.

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