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Uninterrupted supply of domestic energy

Uninterrupted supply of domestic energy

Valio, the largest manufacturer of dairy products in Finland, has chosen Nevel to handle the
energy supply operations at its dairy in Jyväskylä, central Finland, which consumes around
30 GWh of heat energy a year.

“The Jyväskylä dairy serves the demands of 1.8 million consumers in Finland and processes around 160 million kg of milk a year. With these volumes, ensuring the security of the energy supply is essential and is our number one priority. Even short disruptions shut down our production processes and lead to significant costs,” says Jukka Partti, factory manager at Valio.

Why Nevel?

  • Security of supply
  • Cost efficiency
  • Innovative approach

Both Valio and Nevel are leading companies in their fields, and this is exactly the kind of project that Finland needs right now.

Jukka Partti

Factory manager, Valio

Security of supply, cost-efficiency, and environmental issues

“Security of supply, cost efficiency and environmental issues are all of utmost importance to us. With this move, we are replacing heavy fuel oil with local domestic energy. Even though oil prices are low right now, domestic fuel still costs less, and I believe this price gap is only going to grow in the coming years,” Partti says.

Valio’s milk production and their production and processing chain employs about 1,500 people in central Finland and contributes about 60 million euros a year to the region. The move to local domestic energy will further bolster the region’s economy.

Change brings uncertainty

Nevel has been supplying heat to Valio since early 2017. With any change, there’s always some uncertainty, but we’re feeling secure: Nevel is meeting the challenge head on, providing its staff with resources right from the start. Both Valio and Nevel are leading companies in their fields, and this is exactly the kind of project that Finland needs right now, highlights Partti.

“Nevel showed willingness and the ability to think on behalf of their client, which gives us confidence going forward.”

Peter Fabritius

Energy manager, Valio

Expertise a big plus for an energy solution

“Security of supply, profitability and sustainability are priorities in our energy solutions, but they can’t be achieved without the right expertise. Our partner simply has to know their stuff,” says Peter Fabritius, Energy manager at Valio.
Valio and Nevel have previously collaborated at Valio’s Haapavesi dairy in north-eastern Finland, and now Nevel has assumed full responsibility for Valio’s energy supply operations at its Jyväskylä dairy.

“What makes milk processing unique is that the continuous supply of raw milk needs to be processed right away. There cannot be any interruptions in production. Everything needs to work, and we have very specific demands for process steam that need be fulfilled at all times. Ultimately, security of supply determines the final energy price for Valio because the cost of production downtime is significant. We simply cannot afford it, and nor can our partners,” Fabritius says.

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