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Resource efficient energy industry

Optimising the operations through a modern energy infrastructure 

The transition towards carbon neutrality is a common challenge for many industries, with high expectations for the energy sector in particular. As energy producers need to react quickly to changing requirements, demand and prices, new ways of working are needed.  

With the right expertise, a smooth transition is possible and industry pioneers are already implementing platform economy solutions. This approach is demonstrating how the energy industry can start building future-proof infrastructure and gaining a competitive edge, benefiting from high reliability and improved OPEX, and moving towards carbon neutrality. 

Improve energy and material efficiency and cut costs with Nevel Remote operation service 

Nevel can help you achieve next-level utility infrastructure. By combining energy expertise with remote operation, automation and machine learning know-how, it’s possible to gain energy and resource efficiency, optimise the combustion process and reduce both CO2 and NOx emissions and residual oxygen levels.  

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