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Nevel Combined cooling and heating

Improve energy efficiency

If you’re looking for new ways to utilise your excess heat, the Nevel Combined cooling and heating solution will help you to improve energy efficiency and create a circular economy. The solution works by capturing and circulating process energy, enabling industrial cooling and allowing excess heat to be reused to heat processes or premises.

Tailored to your needs

The Nevel Combined cooling and heating solution is designed for industrial companies that need cooling, including dairies, breweries, food manufacturers and grocery stores. It is always tailored to your specific needs.


Reuse excess heat

Create a circular economy

Improve energy efficiency

Reduce emissions (e.g. NOx and CO2)

Generate cost savings

Andrej Solovian

Industrial business


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Why choose Nevel?

At Nevel, we understand you want to find better ways to integrate industrial and municipal processes to use excess heat for the good of society. Our experts can help you with solutions to store excess heat and transfer it efficiently without incurring costs, with the goal of 100% energy reuse. We possess a strong set of core competences, including asset operations, project management and sourcing, end-to-end value chain ownership, digital operations and use of automation as well as environmental and technical expertise.

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