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Nevel Wastewater energy

Improve energy efficiency and generate cost savings

Utilising excess energy from industrial by-processes and reusing it elsewhere is not only an environmentally friendly solution – it’s a cost effective one too. Nevel Wastewater energy solution helps to improve energy efficiency by minimising the need for primary energy, leading to cost savings and lower emissions.

Tailored to your needs

Nevel Wastewater energy solution is designed for industrial processes with high temperatures and relatively clean wastewater with solid particles removed. It’s perfect for industrial companies that want to utilise excess heat from production and cooling solutions, as well as other companies who use water in their processes, such as spas, laundries and cleaning companies. It is always tailored to your specific needs.


Minimise the need for primary energy

Generate cost savings

Improve energy efficiency

Build future-proof production infrastructure

Create circular economies and support a platform society

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Industrial business


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Industrial & Real Estate Business


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Why choose Nevel?

Nevel’s experts possess a strong set of core competences, including extensive market knowledge and understanding of fuels, taxation and legislation, and the ability to plan and implement future-proof solutions. We are also experts in asset operations, project management and sourcing, end-to-end value chain ownership, digital operations and the use of automation, and environmental and technical considerations – helping our customers to develop the circular economies of the future.

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