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Changes in executive positions in Nevel

August 9, 2021
  • Press releases and news

Eero Auranne nominated interim CEO to Nevel. Current Board member Stefano Fedrigo elected as Chairman of the Board.

By mutual agreement, Nevel and Markus Hassinen have agreed that Markus leaves his CEO duties in the company on August 9th, 2021. Markus will continue as Advisor to the Board of directors.

Eero Auranne, former Chairman of the Board has been nominated as interim CEO to Nevel, starting August 9th. He will resign from the Board concurrently.

The Board has elected its current member Stefano Fedrigo as Chairman of the Board. Stefano Fedrigo is an Operating Partner of Ardian Infrastructure since 2009. He has been a board and audit committee member of Ardian’s portfolio companies such as  Ascendi, Skyline Renewables, Enovos, Kallista Energy, 3New Group, 2i Rete Gas and Aloe Energy. Graham Akrill has been appointed Board member with special focus on ESG and operations.

The change does not affect Nevel services and operations. Energy infrastructure company Nevel continues to implement its strategy. Nevel continues to build advanced district heating, accelerate growth and explore new business within industrial infrastructure while strengthening presence in all the markets Nevel operates in.

More information:

Eero Auranne, Interim CEO, +358-44-425 2200.

Hanna Viita, Communications, +358-40-1671755