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Focus on your core business with fit-for-purpose energy production

December 23, 2019
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Ensuring reliable energy, heat and/or steam supply is critical in industrial production processes. But for many companies, building and operating their own heat and power plants is not their  expertise. Nevel offers energy production as a model where we build, own and operate the necessary assets to ensure uninterrupted supply so that you can focus on your core business.

For industrial customers, energy is a critical asset that comes with a lot of unwanted baggage, not least the need for expensive investment with a long payback period. The plant then needs to be operated and maintained around the clock – and if there is ever a stoppage in energy production, the knock-on effects on the rest of your business can be huge.

With our expertise in operating energy plants and the ability to get them up and running quickly and efficiently, this is where Nevel can help. Instead of having to invest in infrastructure and the personnel needed to operate and maintain it, you can benefit from a reliable source of energy operated by experts with the most sophisticated digital platform in the market.

Economies of scale

Relying on Nevel to produce the energy for your processes means benefitting from solutions like production planning,  remote monitoring and operations.. Our services are based on expert knowledge, the scale of our operations and our experience in district heating, heat and electricity production, and improving efficiency and safety.

As an example, Nevel is responsible for producing the energy needed by the Pohjolan Peruna factory, which makes Mummon and Mestari potato products in Raahe, Finland. Nevel not only operates and monitors the steam production plant, we also source domestic fuels, some of which are located just 15 kilometres away from the factory – reducing related transport costs and emissions. “We had a number of good candidates for energy production, but we chose Nevel on the basis of their strong local expertise and commitment,” says Pekka Sarlund, Managing Director of Pohjolan Peruna Oy.

Pohjolan Peruna production line. Nevel is responsible for producing the energy needed by the Pohjolan Peruna factory, which makes Mummon and Mestari potato products in Raahe,

More sustainable solutions

Nevel also offers its environmental expertise to ensure compliance with regulations and to create more sustainable solutions for energy production needs. For example, Nevel is currently building a new energy plant for one of Finland’s largest and most well-known food industry corporations, Fazer, in Lappeenranta. As a long-term customer, Fazer will simply buy the energy it needs while Nevel takes responsibility for operating the plant. “Energy will be produced with low-emission natural gas and, in the future, biogas. We’re taking care of plant design, production automation, construction and energy production so that the customer can focus on their core business,” explains Mika Hillu, Head of Accounts  at Nevel.

We’re also helping companies shift towards a circular economy model by making use of waste to power energy production. The Kinnusen mill in Utajärvi, northern Finland produces six million kilos of oat husks as a by-product each year, and these will be used as fuel for the nearby Nevel-owned and operated boiler, reducing waste and saving on fuel transport costs and emissions. As well as supplying the mill with power, the oat husks produce enough energy to supply homes in the local municipality too – a great example of how circular economy thinking is paving the way towards a more sustainable future for energy production.

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