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Helping industries transform for a cleaner tomorrow – together

June 10, 2024
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Improving sustainability and minimising carbon emissions are the two biggest challenges facing modern industry. To decarbonise, industries need energy that is free from CO2 emissions, take advantage of industrial side streams, and optimise processes and energy efficiency by adopting new technologies and intelligent digital solutions.

The transition towards a well-balanced energy system uses a mix of different energy sources and technologies. At Nevel, our goal is to support industries on their green transition towards a climate-positive future and drive carbon neutrality of energy production. By taking ownership of energy infrastructure on behalf of our industrial customers, Nevel also takes ownership of the emissions generated. With Nevel as a partner, industries can focus on their core business and improve sustainability and competitiveness – all while enhancing the efficiency and transparency of their operations.

Driving industries’ journey from fossil to decarbonisation

Energy is the lifeblood of industrial companies, but planning, implementing and operating energy infrastructure is not typically one of their core competences. Under our long-term partnership model, Nevel can design, build and operate new energy utility infrastructure – or operate existing infrastructure – on behalf of industrial customers. In this kind of partnership, we take on the carbon burden on behalf of our customers and work together with them to identify new opportunities to enhance the carbon neutrality of their operations.

The climate-positive utility solution comprises four elements:

  1. Design – Designing the best possible overall solution based on the customer’s current situation and future needs.
  2. Funding and execution – Investing on the customer’s behalf and taking full responsibility for construction and risk management.
  3. Operation and maintenance – Ensuring security of energy supply and taking care of operations and preventive maintenance.
  4. Long-term cooperation – Investing in continuous improvement and new innovations, taking into account customers’ changing needs.

How industries benefit from partnering

Nevel supports industries on their transition towards a climate-positive future in several different ways. Firstly, we can help industries switch away from fossil fuels with renewable energy and new technologies. This helps to improve both cost efficiency and sustainability. With our help, industrial operators can also increase their energy efficiency by recovering excess heat and energy from cooling.

The third way we support the industrial energy transition is by helping to improve environmental performance through material recovery and utilisation of industrial side streams. For example, using organic side streams for biogas production can help industries decarbonise and tap into new sources of clean energy, creating a fully circular solution. With Nevel as a partner, industries can enhance regulatory compliance and material recovery with effective treatment processes for wastewater.

In a nutshell, regardless of the industry’s area of operation and no matter how demanding the sustainability targets are, we are there to co-create and implement a tailored transformation roadmap and solution that plots a clear path towards a climate-positive future.

For more information, please contact:

Stefan Johnsson, Nevel

Stefan Johnsson
Commercial Director, Nevel
Phone: +46 730 74 24 64

Nevel in brief
Nevel offers advanced infrastructure solutions for industry and real estate that are purpose-built and future-proof. We are committed to climate-positive growth and implement social change by creating local circular economies and promoting the transition to CO2-neutral energy production. Nevel has almost 100 industrial and more than 5,000 real estate customers, to whom it offers decentralised energy and circular economy solutions. Nevel operates more than 130 energy production facilities and manages more than 40 district heating networks. The company’s turnover is 150 million euros. Nevel employs 190 experts in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.