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Inauguration of biogas-based food production process at Puljonki factory in Juuka

August 28, 2023
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On August 23rd, we gathered together with Nestlé Professional, Puljonki Oy and Juuka municipality to celebrate the inauguration of Nevel’s Juuka biogas plant built in collaboration with Nestlé next to the Puljonki factory in Juuka, Finland.

The rainy but joyful day started with hosting Nevel’s biogas plant visits for Puljonki’s own employees working in the factory. We wanted to offer all employees an opportunity to see the biogas production process and learn in practice where the factory’s residuals go to and how energy is produced from residuals back for the factory’s use.

The inauguration ceremony started with welcoming speeches from Paul den Dunnen, Managing Director, Nestlé Professional, Nevel’s CEO Thomas Luther and Henri Tanskanen, Mayor of Juuka. In all speeches, it was emphasized that all parties share a very similar and ambitious sustainability goals. And we are all very proud of how the new biogas plant replaces the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy. It is truly rewarding to work with like-minded partners towards a greener future.


Before the site visits, the event guests had the opportunity to have a closer look at the process, where the organic waste generated in the Puljonki factory is converted into biogas and then further into steam. The energy produced is then used to make bouillons and sauces. This project is a model example of a circular economy solution that enables almost full utilization of the waste generated in industry processes. Emissions and transportation costs are reduced when waste from industrial production does not have to be transported for composting or further processing elsewhere. In addition, the by-products generated at the biogas plant can be used as fertilizer for agricultural needs.


This was a great day to see circular economy in reality and celebrate truly a win-win case for Nestlé, Nevel, Juuka municipality and not least for the environment. We want to thank Nestlé Professional and Puljonki Oy for cooperation and well organised event, and also our Nevel colleagues for hosting several tours in our biogas plant.

”Industrial companies are increasingly looking for solutions to minimise waste and turn side streams to valuable by-products, such as energy. Processing industrial side streams helps companies speed up emission reduction and achieve their climate goals, at the same time contributing to the society and the green transformation. We are happy and proud to plan and implement solutions, such as the cooperation with Nestle and Puljonki, to help our customers achieve these goals.”

Thomas Luther, CEO, Nevel