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Nevel career stories – meet Fredrik Bjöörn

June 14, 2023
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Putting the customer in the centre – meet Fredrik Bjöörn

Fredrik has been working for Nevel since October 2021, first as a Sales Manager and now as Head of Industrial Sales and Investments in Sweden. Prior to joining Nevel, he spent 12 years with E.ON working on innovative business ideas, solving challenges and trialling ideas to see which could be scaled up and developed further. We had a chat about his work and how it embodies the Nevel value of customer centricity.

Your previous position was in the energy industry too. What is it about the field that appeals to you?

Energy is something that’s always relevant to everyone. It’s vital for everybody all the time – if you don’t have energy, you have problems. And with the need for greater sustainability across all sectors, it’s a key concern moving forward. The issues I work with every day give me a genuine chance to make a difference.

What’s the best part about working for Nevel?

I work with a small team of sales managers and concept managers focused on industrial customers and I really appreciate the fact that no two days are alike. I really enjoy trying to find solutions to complex energy-related problems together with colleagues and customers – together we have the opportunity to make a big impact on the world. In our work we are always looking for solutions that will lower emissions and consume less energy, and that’s something really close to my heart.

What’s your day-to-day work like?

I look at problems that customers have, find teams to work on the problems, and come up with solutions. We look holistically at issues and really try to see them from the customer’s perspective, understanding why they need the change right now, their environmental and business goals, and how they plan to fulfil them. I also work on improving processes and collaboration between different teams at Nevel. We’re trying to be better every day both as people and as a company. The variety is fun, and I like the fact you can choose to pursue the things you believe will really make a difference.

Why is it important to work in a customer-centric way?

Simply put, without customers we don’t have a business. We want our customers to feel taken care of, so we talk to them regularly to understand their needs, then together we find solutions where we all benefit, both economically and environmentally. I believe strongly in the importance of open, direct and honest communication. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do – we try to make them happy by helping them achieve their business goals, and our solutions are developed with that as the core driver. There are many ways in which our solutions can add value, including risk management, security of supply, financial value, environmental value, and competence sharing – understanding what our customers need helps us to maximise the value we’re able to generate for them.

Are there any additional benefits to customer centricity?

Building close customer relationships also give us a better overview of the energy industry, ongoing trends and upcoming issues, helping us to see what potential solutions we might have to offer. Working in a customer-centric way means we’re always evolving and changing with our customers and the wider market, rather than playing catchup all the time.

How do you wind down after work?

I’ve taken up windsurfing again, which was an old hobby of mine from before I had kids. It’s a true feeling of freedom when you’re out trying to control the power of the wind and the waves. You get a real feeling of calm when everything flows and you feel in control – it’s really relaxing and helps me wind down. I try to spend as much time on the water as I can.

What inspires you?

What really inspires me is teamwork: getting together to solve a problem and putting our minds and capabilities together to find the best solutions. I am very privileged to work with things close to my heart: energy, the environment, and the chance to have an impact on the world. Together we can really make a difference, by finding solutions for our customers that have a big impact.


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