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Nevel’s 2022 sustainability review: mitigating the energy crisis and reducing CO2 emissions

February 7, 2023
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Nevel’s sustainability report for 2022 will be published later in the spring. Highlights of sustainability performance are summarised below.

The ongoing energy crisis has impacted everybody. The increasing demand for domestic fuel combined with rising fuel prices and inflation are affecting the energy market. In line with other energy suppliers, Nevel has focused on mitigating the energy crisis by ensuring that energy distribution continues to be reliable. During 2022 we reshaped our fuel sourcing practices to secure supplies for the winter season.

Environmental management – reducing CO2 emissions by 29%
Despite the challenging circumstances, Nevel’s CO2 emissions decreased by 29% from the previous year. Together with its customers, Nevel continued its investments in increasing the share of renewable energy, as well as investing in new technologies, optimising energy use and widening the fuel mix. In 2022 the share of renewable energy increased from 75% to 80%. Among the key actions taken during the year were reducing the use of peat as fuel and operational efficiency improvements. Over the past three years Nevel has reduced its CO2 emissions by 47%.

Health and safety – a focus on preventive safety
Nevel is committed to building a health and safety culture, which is always top priority, and to following the principle of zero injuries at work. Nevel improved in a number of preventive safety metrics such as observations and risk assessments, and introduced a number of new safety guidelines, training programmes and eLearning modules for our employees, partners and visitors. The company has a lot of work to do but aims to improve day by day. We expect all our stakeholders to help prevent injuries to ensure we all can go home safely every day. Last year we adopted the total recordable incident rate frequency (TRIF) metric to help compare our safety performance with industry benchmarks.

Circular economy and social impact – investments in local utility infrastructure
In 2022 Nevel made substantial utility infrastructure investment commitments via customer cooperation agreements to build sustainable societies and co-create local circular economies. We initiated cooperation with customers such as Puljonki Oy, Stora Enso Veitsiluoto, Trioworld and Elementis to create transformation roadmaps and local circular economies as well as to enable considerable emission reductions using new innovative solutions. In the Veitsiluoto region in Finland alone, Nevel has committed to investments of EUR 50 million to provide continuity to local utility infrastructure services.

To enhance the circular economy, Nevel took the decision to start using solid recovered fuel (SRF) in its Forssa power plant and progressed with operational changes. SRF uses processed industrial and construction waste for heating, and this initiative creates favourable conditions for expanding cooperation within the local energy and circular economy cluster.

Nevel continued with the Great Place to Work programme, which provides employees with the opportunity to provide feedback and influence the company’s working culture. Based on an employee survey, the company’s Trust Index was improved from previous year.

Nevel would like to thank all its stakeholders for their contributions to the achievements realised in 2022 despite the difficult circumstances. Nevel’s sustainability programme is detailed on our website and the Nevel Sustainability Report 2022 will be published during the spring.

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Director, Sustainability and communications
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About Nevel
Nevel is a utility infrastructure company offering advanced industrial and real estate infrastructure solutions that are fit-for-purpose and future-proof. Committed to climate positive growth, we drive societal impact by co-creating local circular economies and driving transformation to CO2 carbon-neutral energy production. Nevel serves almost 100 industrial and over 5,000 real estate customers with decentralised energy and circular economy solutions. The company operates more than 130 energy production sites and manages over 40 district heating networks. Nevel has an annual turnover of EUR 115 million, and employs 190 experts in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.