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Nevel’s 2023 sustainability review

February 8, 2024
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Progress towards a responsible energy system and climate-positive growth

Nevel’s 2023 sustainability report will be published later this spring, and our sustainability programme is detailed on our website. The key takeaways from 2023 are summarised below.

1. Positive steps forward in safety

Nevel is committed to building a healthy and safe working environment with a zero-injury principle. In 2023 Nevel improved its safety performance through preventive measures. A record number of safety and environmental observations and preventive risk assessments were performed, and a regular fire safety assessment was introduced as a requirement across all markets and businesses. Safety continues to be our priority, and our ambition is to fully implement this preventive approach to safety with our subcontractors.

2. Focus on security of supply in energy production and distribution

During 2023 the global economy, and energy markets in particular, continued to be impacted by the war in Ukraine. With fuel availability remaining highly challenging, the price of fuels, particularly biofuel, rose significantly. Industries such as the forest sector have experienced a slowdown, which has caused serious availability issues for forest residuals used as biofuel. The demand for biofuel grew during 2023, and Nevel has taken several measures to adapt to the changing circumstances.

Nevel’s focus in 2023 was on ensuring security of supply in energy production and distribution, managing the supply chain, widening the fuel mix and energy sources including new technologies such as electrification, and continuing to collaborate closely with customers.

3. Scope 1 CO2 emission targets met

As Nevel works towards achieving a climate-positive future, the path towards decarbonisation consists of widening the mix of energy sources and adopting new technologies. Fossil fuels will gradually be replaced by renewables, waste, side streams and heat recovery. In addition, Nevel is implementing electricity-based heating solutions such as power-to-heat. Despite growth in its industrial business and widening of the energy mix, Nevel met its Scope 1 CO2 emissions targets.

Nevel is committed to its long-term sustainability targets. These include taking steps towards carbon-neutral energy production in our real estate solutions business by 2030 and continuing to implement transformation roadmaps together with our customers.

4. Progress with circular solutions

In line with its strategy, Nevel is implementing initiatives to support carbon neutrality and material circularity. Nevel has invested in upgrading its industrial infrastructure to fulfil its sustainability mission and meet increasingly demanding environmental and legislative requirements. Examples of these investments include a new bio boiler at the Veitsiluoto heating plant in Finland, a new accumulator tank at the Gimo heating plant in Sweden and an air-to-water heat pump at the Linnavuori heating plant in Nokia, Finland. In addition, Nevel has expanded its business with material circularity solutions at the biogas plant in Juuka, Finland, and acquired two additional biogas plants in Forssa and Pori, Finland. Nevel’s utility infrastructure platform provides wider opportunities for our customers in terms of energy and material efficiency solutions.

5. Towards a well-balanced future energy system

Our target at Nevel is to ensure sustainable energy production, taking into consideration economic, social and environmental impacts. This means ensuring security of supply, minimising negative side effects and driving energy availability.

Despite the current challenging economic situation, it is important to recognise the positive steps that have been taken and to remain focused on our long-term commitments. The energy system of the future is a responsible one, with a wide mix of sustainable energy sources, material circularity and technologies driving optimal living conditions for society and operating conditions for business.

We would like to thank all our stakeholders for their contribution to the achievements realised in 2023.

More information:
Hanna Viita
Director, Sustainability and Communications
+358 40 167 1755

About Nevel
Nevel is a utility infrastructure company offering advanced industrial and real estate infrastructure solutions that are fit-for-purpose and future-proof. Committed to climate positive growth, we drive societal impact by co-creating local circular economies and driving transformation to CO2 carbon-neutral energy production. Nevel serves almost 100 industrial and over 5,000 real estate customers with decentralised energy and circular economy solutions. The company operates more than 130 energy production sites and manages over 40 district heating networks. Nevel has an annual turnover of EUR 115 million, and employs 190 experts in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.