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Reducing emissions from industry – it’s time to step up our efforts

March 23, 2021
  • InfraTalks – utility infrastructure insight

Emissions must be drastically cut in the coming years in line with the Paris Agreement. The EU has set a challenging emissions target for the end of the decade, and Finland is striving to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2035. Emissions need to be reduced in all sectors of society, but in industry, which accounts for almost half of our energy use, greater effort is now needed.

In addition to keeping energy production clean, significant improvements in energy use can be achieved through energy efficiency and process efficiency – often at a lower cost than producing more energy. Digitalization in its various forms, such as artificial intelligence and automation, also opens up completely new opportunities for improvement.

To find out more, I warmly welcome you to the Industrial Infrastructure Online Summit hosted by Nevel on May 6th. My presentation will, among other things, bring clarity to the

• challenges,
• opportunities, and
• scale of the energy transformation.

Industry decision-makers will get a comprehensive picture of the energy revolution ahead as well as the different solution models.

Please note, keynote presentations will not be available after the event.

Peter Lund is a professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Helsinki’s Aalto University. He has served in a senior advisory role for many businesses and energy programs worldwide, including the European Commission and International Energy Agency. He serves as vice-chair for the Finnish Climate Panel advising the government and ministries on climate change. Professor Lund has more than 40 years of experience in energy, with a rich track record spanning research, innovations, and academia, working internationally across disciplines and influencing both policies and businesses. His work has resulted in a profound insight into energy futures.