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While mitigating the energy crisis, speeding up the green transformation is an opportunity which many companies have grasped. The time to act is now.

January 26, 2023
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Who would have known what year 2022 brings along. The energy crisis, heavy inflation and signals on recession is impacting the whole the economy. The pandemic has continued, still affecting the daily living and work. In the utility infrastructure market, the primary focus has been mitigating the energy crisis and ensuring energy supply. Nevel, among other energy solutions providers, has focused on mitigating the energy crisis and ensuring energy distribution in all circumstances.

While we are in the middle of the energy crisis, sustainability, climate and the green transformation are on our utility infrastructure customers´ agenda heavier than ever. Speeding up the green transformation is an opportunity which many companies have grasped. The time to act is now. The transformation requires planning a clear roadmap and the transformational benefits are fast becoming a necessity. Building competitiveness is created upon early mover approach. Companies that have acted early, have been building sustainable energy solutions and are now better positioned to focus on growth. The benefits of green transformation vary from flexibility to meeting varying requirements and conditions, energy and cost efficiency, reduction of emissions and enabling circular economy, thus minimising waste.

The solutions needed cover e.g. green and carbon neutral energy, fuel switch, electrification and circular economy solutions. Companies also seek solutions that are not tied to one technology alone, but can adjust flexibly to different conditions. To make things happen, co-creation between market players is needed to ensure use of best available technology, fit with business requirements and financial viability.

ESG has continued as Nevel business priority. We work hard on enabling safe working conditions for our employees, customers and partners. We also believe in our climate targets, reaching carbon neutral own energy production in 2030. We see our role as supporting our customers´ sustainability and decarbonisation ambitions. This includes co-creation of transformation roadmaps, providing innovation, solutions and implementing projects where our customers may not have own expertise. Together we are striving towards climate positive growth, a destination defined in our strategy.

Last year, together with our customers and partners, we managed to ensure energy supply, at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. As result of the cooperation, CO2 emissions decreased 29% from previous year. Final outcomes of the sustainability performance will be communicated in our sustainability report.

As part of the current cooperation initiatives, Nevel is part of a technology development led by Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) on efficiency of heat pumps for e.g. industrial heating and district heating. The project investigates role of heat pumps as part of a wider energy system, that requires more flexibility. We believe partnerships are needed to foster innovation and find solutions to short and long-term needs.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our customers, partners and employees for the cooperation, dedication, effort and achievements during 2022 despite the difficult circumstances. While the work continues mitigating the energy crisis, our destination on climate positive growth is clear, including safety, social, environmental and governance aspects.

Thomas Luther, CEO