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Nevel sustainability report 2021

Nevel’s sustainability report provides an overview of key events and performance across all markets where we operate. The report references disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) topic-specific standards presented at the end of the report as well as from the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To create a strong basis and meaningful focus for our future sustainability work, Nevel conducted a materiality assessment. The assessment guides our sustainability work and actions to ensure that they meet stakeholder expectations.

The report has not been externally audited. The key contact for the report is Nevel’s Director of Sustainability.

Download 2021 report (pdf)

Nevel is a sustainability and a growth company

At Nevel, we put ESG and safety first. The core of our strategy goes beyond just producing energy and heat. We see our role as building local circular economies for our customers and supporting their decarbonisation ambitions as a partner. With this approach, we are realising our vision: working for a green transition and a climate-positive future. In 2021, due to the ongoing global pandemic, we continued strict measures to ensure the availability of energy for all our customers, maintain business continuity and secure the health and safety of our own employees and those of our suppliers. Despite the current circumstances, I would like to thank all our employees, partners and customers for tackling the challenges we have all faced and for making 2021 a fruitful year.

Thomas Luther, CEO at Nevel

Nevel achieved record reduction in CO2 emissions and increase in renewable energy production to 75%

In 2021 we initiated a long-term sustainability programme based on stakeholder assessment. We set ambitious targets for emission reductions, the circular economy and safety. Despite the unstable market situation, we want to maintain our environmental goals and strive to make our own energy production fossil-free by 2030. We will continue to work together with our customers

Hanna Viita, Director, Sustainability

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