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Circular chemical industry

Co-creating a sustainable utility infrastructure

The chemical industry is undergoing rapid changes and making significant steps towards ecological and economic sustainabilityThe industrial infrastructure related to pharmaceuticals, pigments, polymers, plastics, fuels and other materials is under evaluation in many companies. 

Nevel’s goals are in line with the chemical industry’s sustainability objectives of mitigating climate change, reducing energy and water consumption, and improving safety. While the industry experts focus on their core tasks, Nevel can help find a suitable investment and working model for infrastructure where energy, material and information flows are optimised. 

Building a working model for planning, implementing and running the required infrastructure for energy, material and information flows is not a core competence of most industrial companies. Similarly, the capital expense of new infrastructure, with its traditionally long payback times, is not a particularly attractive use of financial resources for most. Learn about our smart working model to take industrial infrastructure to the next level. We call it the voyage.

Learn more about the voyage of co-creation

A smart working model is needed to build a competitive edge and take utility infrastructure to the next level.


Expert insight for advancing industrial and municipal co-creation of circular and resource efficient utility infrastructures.

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