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Modern metals and mining industry

Energy and material efficiencies through co-created utility infrastructure 

Producing fossil-free steel or using sustainable mining processes require competences that the metals and mining industry is successfully developing as their core know-howHowever, developing the utility infrastructure at the same time can be challenging without external infrastructure experts. 

Nevel helps co-create infrastructures where energy and material flows are optimised. This can mean recovering excess heat for coolingor many other advancements. Through our co-creation process we can help you add your competitive edgereduce emissions, lower utility related risks, mitigate climate change and improve resource efficiency.  

Building a working model for planning, implementing and running the required infrastructure for energy, material and information flows is not a core competence of most industrial companies. Similarly, the capital expense of new infrastructure, with its traditionally long payback times, is not a particularly attractive use of financial resources for most. Learn about our smart working model to take industrial infrastructure to the next level. We call it the voyage.

Learn more about the voyage of co-creation

A smart working model is needed to build a competitive edge and take utility infrastructure to the next level.


Expert insight for advancing industrial and municipal co-creation of circular and resource efficient utility infrastructure.

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Industrial infrastructure


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