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Building a green transition and a climate-positive future – Our sustainability commitment

February 8, 2022
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In 2021 Nevel decreased its CO2 Scope 1 emissions for sold energy by 35% 

As we build a path towards sustainability and local circular economies we are changing both the utility infrastructure market and the way we operate. A just transition towards decarbonisation must take social, economic and environmental impacts into account because these are all critical to creating a shared vision and minimising negative side effects as we seek to achieve our climate targets. It is our responsibility to enhance this transformation.

At Nevel we build advanced utility infrastructure and local circular economies together with industries and municipalities. We believe that sustainability is the key driver for our own and our customers’ businesses. It not only enhances safety and wellbeing, but also provides a competitive edge for Nevel and our stakeholders. Our people are committed to building a green transition and a climate-positive future. We drive this change with our sustainability programme, which supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The programme’s three pillars are described below.

1. Co-creating local circular economies

We are committed to co-creating and promoting local circular economies together with our customers and partners. This includes working together with local communities and industries and increasing understanding of the circular economy and biodiversity. We build and innovate new concepts and increase the share of side-streams used. We work together with biofuel suppliers to ensure sustainable practices and we use residual wood fit for purpose.

Last year we increased the use of side-streams and improved energy efficiency at our own power plants by installing five flue gas condensers in Finland and one in Sweden. Together with our industrial and municipal customers, we have developed concepts to build local circular economies and paths towards CO2-emission free energy production, enabling a just transition to decarbonisation even in smaller towns.

2. Driving transformation to CO2 emission free energy production by 2030

We are committed to becoming CO2 emission free in our own energy production by 2030 and support our customers’ technology-neutral transition towards CO2 neutrality. We invest in renewable energy, modernise heating plants and district heating networks, optimise energy use and minimise the use of fuel and keep flue gas residual oxygen levels to a minimum.

Last year we reduced our CO2 Scope 1 emissions for sold energy by 35% and grew our share of renewable energy production by 12% to 75%.

3. Creating a culture of safety and sustainable, transparent corporate citizenship

We are committed to building a safety culture that provides a healthy, safe working environment for our employees, customers and partners. We have high ethics and transparent, accountable governance and strive to build a proactive dialogue with local communities. Through robust risk management we ensure compliance for our business and operations. We ensure security of energy supply.

In January 2021 Nevel was transferred to ownership of Ardian Infrastructure, a world-leading private investment house. Corporate governance structures were put in place to support and promote high-quality decision making and leadership, and environmental and social governance was placed firmly at the top of the agenda, with an increased focus on safety. A sustainability programme was launched to provide a focus across the organisation on a green transition and a climate-positive future.

Our sustainability targets for 2022:

  • Zero accidents among our own employees and our partners
  • Reducing CO2 Scope 1 emissions for sold energy to 69g CO2/kWh
  • Increasing the share of renewable energy in our own operations
  • Increasing the share of side-streams used in energy production
  • Generating transformation roadmaps and circular economy solutions together with our customers
  • Sustainable sourcing of biofuels

More detailed information on our progress in 2021 is available in our sustainability report.

Contact information
Hanna Viita
Director, Sustainability
+358 40 167 1755

About Nevel
Nevel is a utility infrastructure company offering advanced industrial and municipal infrastructure solutions that are fit-for-purpose and future-proof. Nevel operates more than 130 energy production sites and manages over 40 district heating networks. The company’s annual turnover is EUR 100 million. Nevel employs 150 experts in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Committed to climate positive future, we drive societal impact by co-creating local circular economies and driving transformation to CO2 emission free energy production.