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Nevel achieved record reduction in CO2 emissions and increase in renewable energy production to 75%

April 27, 2022
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Sustainability report 2021 published

According to Nevel’s newly published sustainability report, the company decreased Scope 1 CO2 emissions of sold energy by a record 35% in 2021. The decrease in emissions and increase in energy efficiency was predominantly achieved by piloting new technologies, optimising fuel use and investing in renewable energy. For example, Nevel conducted site conversions to phase out using peat as fuel in the Finnish cities of Forssa and Lieksa. The share of renewable energy in Nevel’s own energy production reached the company’s target of 75%.

Nevel significantly improved its focus on health and safety in 2021, with a 40% increase in safety and environmental observations compared to the previous year. This has allowed the company to focus and further develop preventive safety measures.

“We see sustainability as a driver for both our business and our customers’ businesses. We help our customers streamline their energy production and manage side streams to achieve their carbon neutrality targets. This contributes to building local circular economies for the benefit of societies. In this way we are playing a key role in the energy transformation,” says Thomas Luther, CEO of Nevel.

As an advanced utility infrastructure company, Nevel will continue its work on the green transition, promoting a climate positive future where people, communities and businesses can prosper.

“In 2021 we initiated a long-term sustainability programme based on stakeholder assessment. We set ambitious targets for emission reductions, the circular economy and safety. Despite the unstable market situation, we want to maintain our environmental goals and strive to make our own energy production fossil-free by 2030. We will continue to work together with our customers,” says Hanna Viita, Director, Sustainability.

In 2022 Nevel will continue its focus on zero injury principle, further decreasing CO2 emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy in its own operations.

Nevel’s sustainability report presents both an overview and the key achievements of the company with regard to environmental, social and governance matters in 2021.

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Hanna Viita
Director, Sustainability
+358 40 167 1755