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Energy-as-a-service for taking your competitive edge to the next level

Supporting your energy needs

We provide energy solutions for industrial companies, large scale asset owners and municipalities. Our experts can design an energy as-a-service solution that matches your company´s needs perfectly, including support for investments, technology, energy production and remote operations.

Automation and digitalisation make it possible to continuously improve operational performance at power plants and utilities.

Teemu Klingberg

Director, Energy solutions and service Sales Nevel

Solutions for energy production

We provide energy solutions such as heat and steam for industrial companies. We work closely with our customers to identify the solution that best meets their needs. Our solutions have a firm focus on energy efficiency, with high availability throughout the plant lifecycle. Backed by decades of experience, our solutions enable optimising of operations to meet our customers business and operational targets.

“Our customer base covers industrial companies within e.g. food industry, forest industry, process industry, mining and chemical industry. We are happy to identify the solution that best meets your company´s business and operational needs” – Mika Hillu, Head of Sales, Nevel

Process heat and steam for industry

As a major provider of process heating and steam for industrial customers, we offer a wide variety of flexible energy solutions tailored according to each customer’s needs. We provide build-own-operate model, enabling our customer to focus on their core operations. This means we take responsibility for investments, fuel supply, maintenance – and remote operations.

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Outsourcing heat production for large properties

Outsourcing heat production for large properties is an attractive and cost-effective option. We take responsibility for heating plant investments, fuel supply, maintenance – and even plant operations if necessary. We work relentlessly towards a carbon neutral future by investing in renewable energy and creating sustainable transition roadmaps with our customers.

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District heating for industries and large-scale asset owners

We supply heat to district heating networks across multiple regions. It’s a partnership where we are responsible for all heat production. We commit to supplying heat according to the terms agreed individually with each customer.

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Energy production as-a-service

With our remote operations service, professional services and on-call services, we can improve the efficiency of our customers’ energy production.

These services are built on our professional expertise, scope of operations and our experience of heat and electricity production as well as district heating operations. We can assume partial or full responsibility for energy production on behalf of our customers.

Smaller energy production plants can now benefit from solutions, such as production planning and monitoring, that were previously only available for larger plants. The details of the service are agreed individually with each customer.

“Customers can focus on their core business, while we take care of the rest.” – Teemu Klingberg, Director, Energy solutions and service sales, Nevel

Remote operations service improves the plant perfomance

With our remote operations service we assume responsibility for energy-production operations on behalf of municipalities and large scale asset owners, with the goal of improving the performance and overall productivity of plants.

At the heart of the service is a group of dedicated professionals who operate the power plants around the clock from a modern, secure monitoring and operations centre. The remote operations service can pay for itself in less than a year.

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We provide:

  • High production plant availability with domestic fuels, with minimal use of fossile fuels.
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of the production process from our operation centre. We can also provide local operations personnel for proactive maintenance and alarm response.
  • Any reserve and regulating power you require, plus redundancy for critical operations when necessary.

How you benefit:

  • Freed from energy-related risks and headaches, you can focus on your core business.
  • Expert help with selecting the right technology and the right solution for optimal energy efficiency in your energy plant and production processes.
  • We take care of any exceptional situations on your behalf if and when they occur, such as changes in regulations or in the scope of your operations.


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